Preparation to be prepared everyday

This is my second post in english. If you want to read my first post in english, please click here (Start from writing). Now, Iwill share about my preparation to be prepared everyday. As we know, everyday is a special day, yesterday was diffrent from today, today is diffrent from tomorow, and the same with other day in each day. Although in every weeks we always meet with the same name day, but it’s different. Monday in this week never same with monday in last week. Morning comes everyday always brings new hope for us. Therefore, we should interpret each day that God was bestowed with the special things. We must prepare to pass each day in our life.

Sometimes, I prepare my day with a good preparation, and that day will go and end smoothly and fun. But  If I didn’t prepare my day, usually that day will pass without meaning and progress for my life.I know, this activity will spend our time to do that, but the effect of this activity is wonderful.

There are some preparation that I must prepare before start a day. If I’ve done it all, then directly I can say to my self ” oke i’m ready for this day”.

1. Preparation of spiritual

This is the preparation for my faith. Faith like our bodies that need to eat.If we don’t eat in a day, ofcourse our body will be weak, isn’t it? The same with our faith. So that, There are some preparation to maintan my faith in everyday. Ruhiyah preparation usually is done in the morning before starting the activity, like read the quran, dhikr al ma’tsurat, tahajjud prayer and dhuha prayer. From all this preparation, tahajjud is the most difficult to do for me. When I can do it,  that day will be very nice.

2. Preparation of physical

This is the preparation for our bodies. And usually for this preparation we never forget, because it’s associated with our performace. Like take a bath, wear clothing that is clean and tidy, and breakfast. This preparation is the most get attention everyday.

3. Preparation of knowledge

This is the preparation for our brain. This preparation not only needed by students, but also the teacher or anyone in other job. Usually, students do this preparation if they have task from their lectures. And so do I, when I was still being a student. But now, when I have worked as a teacher, I still need this preparation, at least read the book or searching about what I will do for that day.

Ok, that’s all my preparation to be prepared everyday. I’m aware, It was very difficult to be consistently do all perfectly. But I must try step by step, starting from the easiest. Because this activity will give an oustanding result in my life


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