Starting From Writing

Sorry, my post now in english. I dont have any purpose except familiarize english in my habit. Actually, My english skills  is not good. I was  not confidence if  I have to speak in english, I was nervous if I have to explain something in English, Or do anything in english.

But I’m aware that english is very important. Because it’s the international language,  most countries in the world always use english to comunicate each other. So that, there is no reason not to learn english, unless if  I just want to know indonesia. When I was junior high school, my english teacher in course, made a mistake in teaching me. He always asked me to speak in good structure, so that I always think first, before speaking. If I made a mistake in structure, he immediately stop me while said ”, your structure is not corret” , and this condition make me not confidence if have to speak in english. I know, his method is good to my structure, but not to my speaking. And as I know, core of language is communication. If we can understand what they say, it’s enough in communication. Although, If I will do english test, I must know about english structure well. Overall, I don’t regret it. I keep happy studied english with him.

Now, In my office I get toefl IBT coures. One of the skills that must be mastered is speaking. “Oh no, it’s my weakness” I said to myself, when I know there was speaking. But, I must try if I want to be able. I’m looking for away how to good learn english especially speaking. Aha, starting from write all that I want to write is good idea to familiarize it. Based on my experince in blogging, by writing, what’s on my mind to be structured. And it can help me to talk something about the topic. Of course, this way can be implied to learn english. So let’s starting from writing.

( It’s the first post in English, so I need your correction if there are mistakes in my sentence. To make this post I need more than 3 hours, you can describe how difficult I am to write in english, but  “I will try to be better” like the tittle of this blog. hehheh )


9 thoughts on “Starting From Writing

  1. Hello Silfi,

    I was impressed by your effort to learn English with getting used to writing a blog in English…You have to be eager to learn it from now on…
    You’ve found the right method to be proficient in English..
    Never feel hesitate, ashamed, and unconfidence to learn English

    “Practise Make Perfect..!!!”

  2. Hello Aldurra,
    thanks for your attention to read my post…

    “Never feel hesitate, ashamed, and unconfidence to learn English”
    Thanks a lot…I wil try to practice

  3. ah isil,
    same with u, sometimes teacher just care the structur coz they think this is used for exam for SNMPTN selection etc. so sometimes they ignored the capable of speaking.

    my friend said, “when u write in english, tell it first. not only focus in its structure. coz if u just focus of it, maybe u’ll not write it”

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